Are you overwhelmed by the number of immunology conferences, congresses, colloquia, and consortia available for immunology researchers and medical professionals? We understand! That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of upcoming immunology conferences here on the Immune Regulation News events board. You may also want to check out the Human Immunology News and the Immunology of Infectious Disease News events boards for immunology conferences relevant to those niches. You can submit an event to be included on our event boards. You can also inquire about promoting your event to our immunology newsletter subscribers as a media partner.

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Event Name   Date   Location  
Keystone Symposia: Cancer Immunotherapy – Mechanistic Insights to Improve Clinical Benefit 2019-03-10 to 2019-03-14 Whistler, British Columbia

United States

Event Name   Date   Location  
Gordon Research Conferences: Immunochemistry and Immunobiology 2018-06-10 to 2018-06-15 West Dover, Vermont
Cold Spring Harbor (CSH): Mechanisms & Models of Cancer 2018-08-14 to 2018-08-18 Cold Spring Harbor, New York
Gordon Research Conferences: Tissue Niches and Resident Stem Cells in Adult Epithelia 2018-08-19 to 2018-08-24 Waterville Valley, New Hampshire
Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB): Cross-Translational Research in Fibrosis across Organs 2018-09-30 to 2018-10-05 Scottsdale, Arizona
American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology (ACAAI) 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting 2018-11-15 to 2018-11-19 Seattle, Washington
Keystone Symposia: Integrated Pathways of Disease in NASH and NAFLD 2019-01-04 to 2019-01-20 Santa Fe, New Mexico
Keystone Symposia: Molecular Approaches to Vaccines and Immune Monitoring 2019-02-10 to 2019-02-14 Keystone, Colorado
Keystone Symposia: B Cell-T Cell Interactions 2019-02-10 to 2019-02-14 Keystone, Colorado
Keystone Symposia: Uncovering Mechanisms of Immune-Based Therapy in Cancer and Autoimmunity 2019-02-18 to 2019-02-22 Breckenridge, Colorado
Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Meetings (TCT) of ASBMT and CIBMTR 2019-02-20 to 2019-02-24 Houston, Texas
Keystone Symposia: Myeloid Cells 2019-02-24 to 2019-02-28 Santa Fe, New Mexico


Event Name   Date   Location  
23rd Congress of European Hematology Association (EHA) 2018-06-14 to 2018-06-17 Stockholm, Sweden
Keystone Symposia: B Cells: Mechanisms in Immunity and Autoimmunity 2018-06-17 to 2018-06-21 Dresden, Germany
Aegean Conferences: 15th International Conference on Innate Immunity 2018-06-18 to 2018-06-23 Crete, Greece
Cell Symposia: Translational Immunometabolism 2018-06-24 to 2018-06-26 Basel, Switzerland
EMBO-EMBL Symposia: Innate Immunity in Host-Pathogen Interactions 2018-06-24 to 2018-06-27 Heidelberg, Germany
Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO): Frontiers in Immunomodulation and Cancer Therapy 2018-07-09 to 2018-07-11 Madrid, Spain
Infection and Chronic Disease Meeting 2018-07-12 to 2018-07-12 London, United Kingdom
5th European Congress of Immunology (ECI) 2018-09-02 to 2018-09-05 Amsterdam, Netherlands
International Society for Cellular Therapy (ISCT) EU 2018 Regional Meeting 2018-09-12 to 2018-09-14 Firenze, Italy
Immuno-Oncology Conference 2018-09-26 to 2018-09-27 London, United Kingdom
Aegean Conferences: 1st International Conference on Oral Mucosal Immunity and Microbiome 2018-09-26 to 2018-10-01 Crete, Greece
2018 National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) Cancer Conference 2018-11-04 to 2018-11-06 Glasgow, United Kingdom
Making it Personal: Cancer Precision Medicine 2018-11-05 to 2018-11-07 Bergamo, Italy
30th EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium 2018-11-13 to 2018-11-16 Dublin, Ireland
The Lancet Summit: Inflammation and Immunity in Disorders of the Brain and Mind 2018-11-15 to 2018-11-17 Barcelona, Spain
14th Annual Biomarkers Congress 2019-02-21 to 2019-02-22 Manchester, United Kingdom
Keystone Symposia: Cancer Metastasis – The Role of Metabolism, Immunity and the Microenvironment 2019-03-15 to 2019-03-19 Florence, Italy

Middle East to Asia Pacific

Event Name   Date   Location  
47th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australasian Society for Immunology 2018-12-02 to 2018-12-06 Perth, Australia

South America, Central America and Africa

Event Name   Date   Location  
2nd AACR International Conference: Translational Cancer Medicine 2018-09-27 to 2018-09-29 Sao Paulo, Brazil


Event Name   Date   Location  
LabRoots: 3rd Annual Microbiology and Immunology Virtual Event 2018-09-12 to 2018-09-13 Online