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Immune Regulation News 7.41 October 30, 2015
Immune Regulation News
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Chemotherapy-Induced Antitumor Immunity Requires Formyl Peptide Receptor 1
The therapeutic effects of anthracyclines were abrogated in tumor-bearing Fpr1−/− mice due to impaired antitumor immunity. Fpr1-deficient dendritic cells failed to approach dying cancer cells and as a result could not elicit antitumor T cell immunity. [Science] Abstract
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PUBLICATIONS (Ranked by impact factor of the journal)
T Cells Engineered against a Native Antigen Can Surmount Immunologic and Physical Barriers to Treat Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma
Investigators tested the ability of T cells engineered to express an affinity-enhanced T cell receptor against a native antigen to overcome these barriers in a genetically engineered model of autochthonous pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. [Cancer Cell] Abstract | Graphical Abstract | Press Release

Perforin-Positive Dendritic Cells Exhibit an Immuno-Regulatory Role in Metabolic Syndrome and Autoimmunity
Researchers showed the regulatory impact of a rare subpopulation of dendritic cells, rich in perforin-containing granules (perf-DCs). Using bone marrow transplantation to generate animals selectively lacking perf-DCs, they found that these chimeras progressively gained weight and exhibited features of metabolic syndrome. [Immunity] Abstract | Graphical Abstract | Press Release

IL-2Rα Mediates Temporal Regulation of IL-2 Signaling and Enhances Immunotherapy
Scientists demonstrated that although interleukin (IL)-15 may be effective in lymphopenic patients, IL-2 therapy may be needed in patients who retain immune cells, where T cells compete for available cytokine. They showed that IL-2 but not IL-15 can sustain signaling after cytokine withdrawal through its high-affinity receptor subunit IL-2Rα. [Sci Transl Med] Abstract

CCR2 Defines In Vivo Development and Homing of IL-23-Driven GM-CSF-Producing Th17 Cells
Researchers identified a temporally regulated IL-23-dependent switch from CCR6 to CCR2 usage by developing IL-17-producing helper T (Th17) cells that is critical for pathogenic Th17 cell-driven inflammation in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis. [Nat Commun] Full Article | Press Release

RNA Sensing by Conventional Dendritic Cells Is Central to the Development of Lupus Nephritis
Researchers showed that conventional dendritic cell (DC) expression of Toll-like receptor 7 is essential for severe autoimmunity in the Sle1Tg7 model of systemic lupus erythematosus. They showed that a novel expanding CD11b+ conventional DC subpopulation dominates the infiltrating renal inflammatory milieu, localizing to the glomeruli. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

Trans-Presentation of IL-15 Modulates STAT5 Activation and Bcl-6 Expression in TH1 Cells
Scientists demonstrated that differentiated TH1 cells are responsive to trans-presented IL-15. Importantly, while trans-presentation of IL-15 results in STAT5 activation and maintenance of the TH1 gene program, IL-15 treatment alone allows for increased Bcl-6 expression and the upregulation of a TFH-like profile. [Sci Rep] Full Article | Press Release

Apoptosis of Tumor Infiltrating Effector TIM-3+CD8+ T Cells in Colon Cancer
The authors report apoptosis of IFN-γ competent TIM-3+ population of tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cells in colon cancer. In mouse CT26 colon tumor model, majority of tumor-infiltrating CD8+ T cells express TIM-3 and execute cytolysis function with higher effector cytokine secretion and apoptosis in TIM-3+ compared to TIM-3 population. [Sci Rep] Full Article

Modulation of Innate Immune Responses via Covalently Linked TLR Agonists
Scientists synthesized combinations of Toll-like receptor (TLR) agonists as spatially defined tri- and di-agonists to understand how specific TLR agonist combinations contribute to the overall immune response. [ACS Cent Sci] Full Article | Press Release

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Mesothelin-Targeted CARs: Driving T Cells to Solid Tumors
The authors discuss findings and preclinical chimeric antigen receptors (CAR) therapy models using either systemic or regional T-cell delivery argue favorably for mesothelin CAR therapy in multiple solid tumors. [Cancer Discov] Abstract

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Verastem to Present Preclinical Data
Verastem, Inc. announced four poster presentations. [Press release from Verastem, Inc. discussing research to be presented at the 2015 AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics, Boston] Press Release

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Advaxis Launches MINE™ Collaboration
Advaxis, Inc. announced the launch of a research collaboration with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to evaluate the immunologic and anti-tumor activity of patient tumor-specific, neoepitope-based immunotherapy. [Advaxis, Inc.] Press Release

Kite Pharma and Alpine Immune Sciences Announce Research Collaboration and License Agreement to Enhance Immune Response in the Tumor Microenvironment
Kite Pharma, Inc. announced that it has entered into a worldwide research and license agreement with Alpine Immune Sciences, Inc. to discover and develop protein-based immunotherapies targeting the immune synapse to treat cancer.  [Alpine Immune Sciences, Inc.] Press Release

BioCision and UCSF Announce Collaboration to Advance Cell Therapy for Organ Transplantation and Diabetes
BioCision, LLC, announced a collaboration with the University of California, San Francisco Transplantation Research Laboratory of Dr. Qizhi Tang, who is researching a novel transplantation immunotherapy that could potentially minimize rates of organ rejection and the toxicity of global immunosuppression; a similar strategy is being investigated for the treatment of autoimmune diseases including Type 1 diabetes. [BioCision, LLC] Press Release
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