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Immune Regulation News 7.13 April 17, 2015
Immune Regulation News
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Scientists Discover Protein That Boosts Immunity to Viruses and Cancer
Scientists discovered a protein that plays a central role in promoting immunity to viruses and cancer, opening the door to new therapies. Experiments in mice and human cells have shown that the protein promotes the proliferation of cytotoxic T cells, which kill cancer cells and cells infected with viruses. [Press release from Imperial College London discussing online publication in Science] Press Release | Abstract
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Synergistic Innate and Adaptive Immune Response to Combination Immunotherapy with Anti-Tumor Antigen Antibodies and Extended Serum Half-Life IL-2
Researchers found that a combination of an anti-tumor antigen antibody and an untargeted IL-2 fusion protein with delayed systemic clearance induces significant tumor control in aggressive isogenic tumor models via a concerted innate and adaptive response involving neutrophils, NK cells, macrophages, and CD8+ T cells. [Cancer Cell] Abstract | Graphical Abstract | Press Release

Autoprocessing of Neutrophil Elastase Near Its Active Site Reduces the Efficiency of Natural and Synthetic Elastase Inhibitors
Scientists discovered an intrinsic self-cleaving property of mouse neutrophil elastase that interferes with the action of elastase inhibitors. [Nat Commun] Abstract

Roles of Lymphatic Endothelial Cells Expressing Peripheral Tissue Antigens in CD4 T-Cell Tolerance Induction
Investigators demonstrated that when β-galactosidase (β-gal) is expressed in lymphatic endothelial cells (LECs), β-gal-specific CD8 T cells undergo deletion via the PD-1/PD-L1 and LAG-3/MHC-II pathways. In contrast, LECs do not present endogenous β-gal in the context of MHC-II molecules to β-gal-specific CD4 T cells. [Nat Commun] Abstract

CD169+ Macrophages Are Sufficient for Priming of CTLs with Specificities Left Out by Cross-Priming Dendritic Cells
Recent evidence suggests the existence of as-yet unidentified antigen-presenting cells (APCs) able to prime T cells. To identify those APCs, scientists used adenoviral vectors, which do not infect dendritic cells (DCs) but selectively accumulate in CD169+ macrophages (MPs). In mice that lack DCs, infection of CD169+ MPs was sufficient to prime cytotoxic T cells (CTLs) specific for all epitopes tested. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA]
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Protection in Antibody- and T Cell-Mediated Autoimmune Diseases by Antiinflammatory IgG Fcs Requires Type II FcRs
An IgG fragment crystallizable domain (Fc) variant with a point mutation at position 241 and sialylated IgG Fc protected mice from arthritis in the K/BxN-induced model and, in the T cell-mediated experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis mouse model, suppressed disease by specifically activating regulatory T cells. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

Arginine Deprivation and Immune Suppression in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Using a mouse model, researchers studied longitudinal changes in brain immunity in relation to neuronal loss and, contrary to the predominant view that Alzheimer’s disease (AD) pathology is driven by proinflammatory factors, they found that the pathology in CVN-AD mice is driven by local immune suppression. [J Neurosci] Abstract | Press Release

Severing Corneal Nerves in One Eye Induces Sympathetic Loss of Immune Privilege and Promotes Rejection of Future Corneal Allografts Placed in Either Eye
Using a mouse model of penetrating keratoplasty, investigators found that 50% of the initial corneal transplants survived, yet 100% of the subsequent corneal allografts (unrelated to the first graft) placed in the opposite eye underwent rejection. The severing of corneal nerves that occurs during surgery induced substance P secretion in both eyes, which disabled T regulatory cells that are required for allograft survival. [Am J Transplant] Abstract | Press Release

DEC205+ Dendritic Cell-Targeted Tolerogenic Vaccination Promotes Immune Tolerance in Experimental Autoimmune Arthritis
Investigators examined whether DEC205+ dendritic cell targeting of a single immunodominant peptide derived from human cartilage proteoglycan (PG) could promote immune tolerance in PG-induced arthritis. [J Immunol] Abstract

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The Cellular Immune System in Myelomagenesis: NK Cells and T Cells in the Development of MM and Their Uses in Immunotherapies
The authors review cellular immune subsets in myelomagenesis. They summarize the current literature on the quantitative and functional profiles of natural killer (NK) cells and T-cells, including conventional T-cells, natural killer T-cells, γδ T-cells and regulatory T-cells, in myelomagenesis. [Blood Cancer J] Full Article

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MacroGenics Announces Presentations at AACR Annual Meeting 2015
MacroGenics, Inc. announced that pre-clinical data from programs based on its dual-affinity re-targeting (DART®) bi-specific technology will be presented. [Press release from MacroGenics, Inc. discussing research to be presented at the 2015 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting, Philadelphia] Press Release

Immunovaccine to Present at American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2015 Annual Meeting
Immunovaccine Inc. announced that a poster, highlighting the combination of DepoVax-based vaccines with an anti-PD-1 monoclonal antibody, will be presented. [Press release from Immunovaccine Inc. discussing research to be presented at the 2015 American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting, Philadelphia] Press Release

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MedImmune and Immunocore Announce New Collaboration to Conduct Immuno-Oncology Combination Trials in Melanoma
AstraZeneca announced that MedImmune, its global biologics research and development arm, has entered into a collaboration to conduct clinical trials in immuno-oncology with Immunocore Limited. [MedImmune, LLC] Press Release

SELLAS Life Sciences Group and TrojanTec Sign Exclusive License Agreement for Global Rights on Development and Commercialization of Innovative TR-1 Anti-Cancer Antennapedia Technology
SELLAS Life Sciences Group announced that it has signed an exclusive global collaboration and license agreement with TrojanTec Ltd. for the development, marketing and commercialization of the innovative and proprietary TR-1 cancer therapeutic technology and drug. [SELLAS Life Sciences Group (PR Newswire Association LLC)] Press Release

Agreement with FDA Announced for Special Protocol Assessment for Upcoming Phase III Pexa-Vec Trial in Advanced Liver Cancer
Transgene SA reported that an agreement has been reached with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a Special Protocol Assessment (SPA) for the global Phase III clinical trial of the oncolytic immunotherapy, Pexa-Vec. [Transgene SA] Press Release

MD Anderson Researcher James Allison, Ph.D., Receives Pezcoller Award
Cancer scientist James Allison, Ph.D., internationally known for his role in developing a new class of cancer immunotherapies, has been named a recipient of the 2015 Pezcoller Foundation-American Association for Cancer Research International Award for Cancer Research. [The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center] Press Release
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