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Immune Regulation News 7.07 February 27, 2015
Immune Regulation News
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Regulation of Immune Responses to Protein Therapeutics by Transplacental Induction of T Cell Tolerance
Scientists demonstrate that Fc-fused antigens administered to pregnant mice reach fetal lymphoid organs in an Fc receptor-dependent manner, accumulate in antigen-presenting cells of myeloid origin, and promote the generation of both thymic and peripheral antigen-specific regulatory T cells. [Sci Transl Med] Abstract
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Developing In Vitro Expanded CD45RA+ Regulatory T Cells as an Adoptive Cell Therapy for Crohn’s Disease
To define the optimum population for regulatory T (Treg) cell therapy in Crohn’s disease, CD4+CD25+CD127loCD45RA+ and CD4+CD25+CD127loCD45RA Treg subsets were isolated from patients’ blood and expanded in vitro using a workflow that can be readily transferred to a good manufacturing practice background. [Gut] Full Article

Deltex1 Antagonizes ​HIF-1α and Sustains the Stability of Regulatory T Cells In Vivo
Researchers identified a requirement for ​Deltex1 (​DTX1), a contributor to T-cell anergy and ​Foxp3 protein level maintenance in vivo. ​Dtx1−/− regulatory T cells (Tregs) are as effective as WT Tregs in the inhibition of ​CD4+​CD25 T-cell activation in vitro. However, the suppressive ability of ​Dtx1−/− Tregs is greatly impaired in vivo. [Nat Commun] Full Article

TGF-β3-Expressing ​CD4+​CD25​LAG3+ Regulatory T Cells Control Humoral Immune Responses
The authors demonstrate that CD4+​CD25​LAG3+ regulatory T cells (​LAG3+ Treg) produce high amounts of ​TGF-β3 in an ​Egr2 and ​Fas-dependent manner. ​LAG3+ Treg require ​TGF-β3 to suppress B-cell responses in a murine model of lupus. [Nat Commun] Full Article

Dendritic Cell SIRT1-HIF1α Axis Programs the Differentiation of CD4+ T Cells through IL-12 and TGF-β1
Investigators found that sirtuin 1, a type III histone deacetylase, plays an essential role in mediating proinflammatory signaling in dendritic cells, consequentially modulating the balance of proinflammatory T helper type 1 cells and antiinflammatory Foxp3+ regulatory T cells. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

β-Catenin in Dendritic Cells Exerts Opposite Functions in Cross-Priming and Maintenance of CD8+ T Cells through Regulation of IL-10
The authors report that activation of β-catenin in dendritic cells inhibits cross-priming of CD8+ T cells by up-regulating mTOR-dependent IL-10, suggesting blocking β-catenin/mTOR/IL-10 signaling as a viable approach to augment CD8+ T-cell immunity. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

IκBNS Regulates Murine Th17 Differentiation during Gut Inflammation and Infection
Scientists analyzed the role of the unusual inhibitor of NF-κB, IκBNS, in the proliferation and effector cytokine production of murine Th17 cells. They demonstrated that nuclear IκBNS is crucial for murine Th17 cell generation. [J Immunol] Abstract

Chitosan Hydrogel Vaccine Generates Protective CD8 T Cell Memory against Mouse Melanoma
Investigators found that vaccination with chitosan hydrogel or dendritic cells using ovalbumin protein as a model antigen and Quil-A adjuvant provided protection in a subcutaneous melanoma challenge 30 days later. [Immunol Cell Biol] Abstract

The Roles of T Helper Type 17/Regulatory T Cells in Acute Rejection after Liver Transplantation in Rats
Scientists investigated the imbalance between T helper type 17 and CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells during hepatic allograft rejection in a rodent grafts model. [Transplantation] Abstract

Exosomes from Dendritic Cells Loaded with Chaperone-Rich Cell Lysates Elicit a Potent T Cell Immune Response against Intracranial Glioma in Mice
The dendritic cell (DC)-derived exosomes (DEXs) generated from DCs loaded with chaperone-rich cell lysates (CRCLs) derived from GL261 glioma cells were found to promote cell proliferation and cytotoxic T lymphocyte activity of CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in vitro compared with DEX (GL261)-DCs, which were loaded with DEXs derived from DCs loaded with GL261 tumor cell lysates. [J Mol Neurosci] Abstract

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Emerging Role of IL-16 in Cytokine-Mediated Regulation of Multiple Sclerosis
The authors outline immune pathogenesis of the disease necessary to understand significance of cytokines and IL-16 in multiple sclerosis (MS) regulation. They revisit cytokine regulation with emphasis on involvement of IL-16 mechanisms, implicated in MS progression and important for development of new therapies. [Cytokine] Abstract

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Celsion Corporation Presents Clinical and Preclinical Data for GEN-1 IL-12 Immunotherapy in Ovarian Cancer
Celsion Corporation presented clinical and preclinical data demonstrating the safety, biological activity and clinical benefits of GEN-1, its DNA-based immunotherapy, as a single agent in advanced platinum-resistant and recurrent ovarian cancer patients. [Press release by Celsion Corporation discussing research presented at the Molecular Medicine TRI-Conference, San Francisco] Press Release

Nodality Inc. Presents Data from Immuno-Oncology Program Applying Company’s Novel Single Cell Network Profiling (SCNP) Platform
Nodality, Inc. announced research results from its lead immuno-oncology efforts based on applications of the company’s SCNP technology. [Press release by Nodality, Inc. discussing research presented at the Molecular Medicine TRI-Conference, San Francisco] Press Release

Advaxis to Present at International Anal Neoplasia Society Scientific Meeting 2015
Advaxis, Inc. announced that an abstract related to ADXS-HPV, the Company’s lead Lm-LLO immunotherapy product candidate, has been selected for oral presentation. [Press release from Advaxis, Inc. discussing research presented at the International Anal Neoplasia Society (IANS) Scientific Meeting 2015, Atlanta] Press Release

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Orca Pharmaceuticals and AstraZeneca Announce Development Partnership to Identify Best-in-Class RORγ Inhibitors to Treat Autoimmune Disease
Orca Pharmaceuticals, and AstraZeneca announced a three year collaboration to develop inhibitors of retinoic acid–related orphan nuclear receptor gamma (RORγ). [Orca Pharmaceuticals] Press Release

A Novel Immunotherapy Technique to Treat Patients with Osteosarcoma and Neuroblastoma
A novel Phase I clinical trial that leverages T-cell immunotherapy is now under way at Karmanos Cancer Institute and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; bringing new hope to children and young adults with osteosarcoma and neuroblastoma. [Solving Kids’ Cancer] Press Release

Gradalis, Inc. Announces Initiation of a Phase III Registration Study for Vigil™ in Ovarian Cancer
Gradalis Inc. announced that it has initiated a Phase III registration trial for its proprietary autologous immunotherapy, Vigil™, in the treatment of women with stage III/IV ovarian cancer. [Gradalis Inc.] Press Release

ISA Pharmaceuticals Announces Start of First Phase I/II Clinical Trial of Its SLP®-AMPLIVANT® Conjugates
ISA Pharmaceuticals B.V. announced the start of an investigator-initiated Phase I/II clinical trial of a novel immunotherapeutic based on ISA Pharmaceuticals´ platform technology. The trial will be conducted by the Department of Clinical Oncology at Leiden University Medical Center in The Netherlands. [ISA Pharmaceuticals B.V.] Press Release
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