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Immune Regulation News 4.11, March 23, 2012
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Microbial Exposure During Early Life Has Persistent Effects on Natural Killer T Cell Function
Researchers’ results indicate that age-sensitive contact with commensal microbes is critical for establishing mucosal invariant natural killer T cell tolerance to later environmental exposures. [Science]
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Wild-Type Microglia Arrest Pathology in a Mouse Model of Rett Syndrome
Researchers found that transplantation of wild-type bone marrow into irradiation-conditioned Mecp2-null hosts resulted in engraftment of brain parenchyma by bone-marrow-derived myeloid cells of microglial phenotype, and arrest of disease development. [Nature] Abstract | Press Release

A Lineage of Myeloid Cells Independent of Myb and Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Researchers found that the transcription factor Myb was required for development of hematopoietic stem cells and all CD11bhigh monocytes and macrophages, but was dispensable for yolk sac (YS) macrophages and for the development of YS-derived F4/80bright macrophages in several tissues, such as liver Kupffer cells, epidermal Langerhans cells, and microglia. [Science] Abstract

Peroxisome-Derived Lipids Are Self Antigens that Stimulate Invariant Natural Killer T Cells in the Thymus
Researchers isolated lipids from thymocytes and found that ether-bonded mono-alkyl glycerophosphates and the precursors and degradation products of plasmalogens stimulated semi-invariant natural killer T cells. [Nat Immunol] Abstract

LYP Inhibits T-Cell Activation When Dissociated from CSK
Researchers studied the spatiotemporal dynamics of the lymphoid tyrosine phosphatase (LYP)-C-terminal Src kinase (CSK) complex in T cells. They demonstrate that dissociation of this complex is necessary for recruitment of LYP to the plasma membrane, where it downmodulates T-cell antigen receptor signaling. [Nat Chem Biol] Abstract | Press Release

NKT-Associated Hedgehog and Osteopontin Drive Fibrogenesis in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
The hypothesis that activated natural killer T (NKT) cells drive fibrogenesis during non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) was evaluated by assessing if NKT depletion protects against NASH fibrosis, identifying the NKT-associated fibrogenic factors, and correlating plasma levels of the NKT cell-associated factor osteopontin with fibrosis severity in mice and humans. [Gut] Abstract

Functionally Distinct Subsets of Human FOXP3+ Treg Cells that Phenotypically Mirror Effector TH Cells
Based on chemokine receptor expression, researchers identified separable populations of FOXP3+ regulatory T (Treg) cells in human blood expected to co-localize with different helper T (TH) cell subsets. [Blood] Abstract

Signal Inhibition by the Dual-Specific Phosphatase 4 Impairs T Cell-Dependent B-Cell Responses with Age
CD4 memory T cells from individuals older than 65 years displayed increased and sustained transcription of the dual-specific phosphatase 4 that shortened expression of CD40-ligand and inducible T-cell costimulator and decreased production of IL-4, IL-17A, and IL-21 after in vitro activation. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

Co-Transplantation of Pure Blood Stem Cells with Antigen-Specific but Not Bulk T Cells Augments Functional Immunity
Human CMV is a major pathogen after transplantation. Researchers studied reactivity against the mouse homologue, murine CMV, in lethally irradiated mice given allogeneic purified hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) or HSCs supplemented with T cells or T-cell subsets. [Proc Natl Acad Sci USA] Abstract

Characterization of the Renal CD4+ T-Cell Response in Experimental Autoimmune Glomerulonephritis
Although antibodies are central to the pathogenesis, there is good evidence for the participation of T cells in antiglomerular basement membrane glomerulonephritis. To define the contribution of T cells, researchers used the model of experimental autoimmune glomerulonephritis. [Kidney Int] Abstract

IL-27 Induction of IL-21 from Human CD8+ T Cells Induces Granzyme B in an Autocrine Manner
Investigators show that the interleukin (IL)-27 receptor is expressed on human CD8+ T cells and stimulation of human naïve CD8+ T cells in the presence of IL-27 leads to an increase in IL-21 and interferon-γ production. [Immunol Cell Biol] Abstract

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Industry and Academia Join Forces as UCB and Oxford University Announce New R&D Partnership
UCB Pharma and Oxford University agreed to collaborate on cutting-edge pharmaceutical research projects, enabling scientists from industry and academia to work together to develop innovative medicines to treat serious diseases in immunology and neurology. [UCB S.A.] Press Release

Coronado Biosciences Signs Collaboration Agreement with Dr. Falk Pharma and OvaMed for the Development of TSO for Crohn’s Disease
Coronado Biosciences, Inc. announced that the Company signed a Collaboration Agreement with Dr. Falk Pharma GmbH and OvaMed GmbH (OvaMed) for the development of TSO (Trichuris suis ova or CNDO-201) for Crohn’s disease. [Coronado Biosciences, Inc.] Press Release

Cytos to Raise up to CHF 37 Million from International and Strategic Investors to Advance Asthma Clinical Program
The new funds will recapitalize Cytos and enable it to further advance its programs and specifically to conduct a global multi-center Phase IIb clinical trial with its lead product CYT003-QbG10 in patients suffering from allergic asthma. [Cytos Biotechnology Ltd] Press Release

Phacilitate Immunotherapy Leaders' Forum 2012


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NEW Engineering Conferences International (ECI): Cell Culture Engineering XIII
April 22-27, 2012
Scottsdale, United States

NEW American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) – Molecularly Targeted Therapies: Mechanisms of Resistance
May 9-12, 2012
San Diego, United States

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